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Manila Central University , PHILIPPINES
Manila Central University, located at the heart of Metro Manila, is a pillar in health science and professional programs in the Philippines. MCU began as a private review class for pharmacy board examination aspirants in 1904 and has since contributed to the overall development of individuals.

MCU is committed to do its share in improving the lives of people. It constantly raises its standards and improves its facilities to enable its graduates to meet the challenges and opportunities in the Philippines and around the world.

We train students to develop the means to build the future they dream of. The knowledge and ideals that we plant in our students will provide them the skills and confidence they need to achieve.
We develop individuals into well-rounded professionals with desirable personal traits through leadership in education, competent instruction, research, and the creation of centers of knowledge for their chosen fields of specialization, thereby enabling them to participate actively in community and national development for the love of country and dedication to public service.

The MCU graduates' track record of success and excellence is a testament of the mission that we in MCU have bestowed upon ourselves.
At MCU, we are a community of men and women dedicated to work together and support one another in wisdom and knowledge with the mission to graduate competent and morally upright physicians who are:

Equipped with proper understanding of essential habits, attitudes and professional ethics.
Provided with requisite basic knowledge and skills in medical practice, research and post graduate studies.
Committed to improve the community health care system and respond to national aspirations and global challenges.

Realizing that in the process, the development of the individual's full potential is achieved thus contributing to the growth of the institution.

To sustain our leadership in health science and professional programs whose graduates are exposed to holistic education and technology-based instruction, and vigorously pursue through research, the discovery of new knowledge responsive to the needs of the global village.

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