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STUDY ABROAD - RUSSIA - ROSTOV  State Medical University  
Rostov State Medical University is among the oldest academies of the country. It was established in the year 1930.Many eminent academicians and scientists have contributed over the years to the development and popularity of the university. We are proud of our traditions and teaching practices in educating students from Russia and many countries of Europe, Asia and Africa.
The Rostov State Medical University finds a place in the World Directory of Medical Schools published by the World Health Organisation. It is also recognised by the Medical Council of India and similar organisations in many countries.
We welcome international students to study in the serene and green campus of the university.
The Rostov State Medical University is situated in the centre of the city of Rostov­ on-Don in South-western Russia. Its history dates back to World War I, when, in the year 1915, the Warsaw University in Poland had to be evacuated far inland to the city of Rostov and amalgamated with the Don University. The medical faculty was one of the four faculties of the Warsaw University. The Rostov Municipal Hospital became the main base for the medical faculty. In the year 1920 the Rostov Female Medical
Institute amalgamated with the medical faculty of the univer Ity.
In the year 1930, the university was renamed as the Rostov State Medical University. By this time, there were over 1300 students and 200 professors in the university. Among the notable contributors to the development of the university were eminent persons such as Professor N A Rozhansky in Physiology, Professor K.R.Miriam in Pathphysiology, Professor I.S Tsitovich in Pharmacology and Professor P.1.Emdin in Neurosurgery.
At present, over 6500 students from Russia and 79 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America are enrolled in the university for the Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Research courses. The Postgraduate course comprises of
about 40 medical specialities. All the theoretical departments and basic clinics are situated within the green surroundings of the university. There are 5 comfortable student hostels covering an area of over
19000 sq metres.
The university actively collaborates with the World Health Organisation, European Commission's International Programmes and with various organisations in Germany, Great Britain, SWitzerland, France, Canada,
USA and India.

                                                                                                 Rostov State Medical Academy
                                                                                        Nahicevanskij Pereulok 29, Rostov - 344 700 

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