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GSM Transformer Alarm J-1609L


Name: GSM/GPRS Transformer Alarm System

Model: Magic Guard: J-1609L

 Products Description

Output Port: 3
Power Voltage : AC 380V (3-phase 4-wire ) AC220V (2-phase 2-wire)
Standard pack components
1 main panel, 1 manual

This is an electronic alarm system. It can monitor the base stations, substationspower distribution roomsoil fieldsminesdocksstreet lampsbillboardsfarmsorchards, fishpondsforeststransformer stations , GSM stations, Weather Stations, Control rooms, Oil and Gas pipelines monitors, River Monitoring Flood Controls, Valve controls ,Pumping Stations, Power Stations Monitoring and other unattended positions.
Adopt tri-band GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz wireless network, no distance limit to alarm.
Support GSM/CDMA mobile phone, long distance to receive alarm and arm / disarm.
Can per-set 5 alarm phone numbers with room number, can send alarm signal to owners, policeman and the monitoring center.
Password operation to ensure system security, SMS password settings, remote arm/disarm.
User can remotely control the system,
3 output   can On/off three home appliance via phone or mobile phone.
Magic Guard has 3 wired input ports, convenient to connect a variety of alarm device.
1 relay output port, convenient to connect power and video when alarming.
Internal siren port, can switch between the silence and alarm voice .
Anti-destroy alarm function, if open the machine chassis, the host will send alarm SMS .
Built-in 7AH battery ( optional ) , automatically recharge .
Technical parameters
Static Current
30 mA
Power Supply
DC12 V
Working Temperature
-40 ~ +55
Support GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz tri-band mode
Support PHASE2/2 & protocol (Including data services)
Transmission Power: (2W)/EGSM900, (1W)/GSM1800 GSM1900
Input Ports : 3